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Spread the Kindness!

July 11, 2022 to July 15, 2022

Think about how it felt the last time someone was kind to you. Maybe they did you a favor. Maybe they sent you a card. Maybe they just gave you a smile and said hello. Whatever it was, there was a connection that probably made you feel good.

We hope you’ll think about that experience and help us spread the kindness, along with our partners at WPXI-TV and Starbucks the week of July 11th. You’ll see kindness prompts every time you buy a coffee or a pastry at participating local Starbucks stores. And you’ll hear a message of kindness and learn about the work we do at the Center For Loving Kindness every day on the Channel 11 News at 6 am and 5 pm.

We’re excited to be #PGHKind and hope you’ll join us, because we all could use a little extra kindness right now!

Read more about our Kindness Quotes of the Day in the blog, Our Vision of Community.

We’re really excited to highlight the work we’ve done with our neighbors in Wilkinsburg and Hazelwood. Click to watch WPXI’s Lisa Sylvester’s story.

Here is WPXI’s Kathrine Amenta’s story on dealing with bullies. It’s a topic that is especially important to our teens and their parents. and here on their website.


Watch as WPXI’s David Johnson reports on our mission at the Center For Loving Kindness and highlights some of the work we’re most proud of below and here on their website.

Partners in Kindness
This week, WPXI-TV is sharing stories and messages of kindness. Get inspired!



Read about Our Vision of Community. Learn more about the JCC Center for Loving Kindness and how you can be an UPstander!




Starbucks has made doing good in our communities easier with a one-stop shop for volunteering, donating and Giving Match!

When we all use the Community Champion Portal, we can better understand our impact and tell stories of the causes that each of us are most passionate about.

The new Community Champion Portal is a place to:

  • Find resources to engage with your community
  • Share events with your partners and neighbors
  • Get inspired to be part of something bigger
  • Make an impact in your communities

Participating Starbucks stores:

Squirrel Hill 6304 FORBES AVENUE
McKnight and Siebert 4885 MCKNIGHT ROAD
Shadyside 730 COPELAND ST.
Liberty & Baum 5310 LIBERTY AVENUE
2345 Murray Avenue 2345 MURRAY AVE
Bloomfield, Liberty Ave 4765 LIBERTY AVENUE
Grandview Crossing 517 GRANDVIEW CROSSING
Eastside 5882 CENTRE AVENUE
Pittsburgh Mills, Tarentum 2025 PITTSBURGH MILLS BLVD
Ross Park Mall Level 1 1000 ROSS PARK MALL DRIVE
McKnight Road 7707 MCKNIGHT RD
Hampton Shoppes 4655 WILLIAM FLYNN HIGHWAY Ste 100
Bakery Square, Penn Ave 151 BAKERY SQUARE BLVD
Harmar, Freeport Road 2825 FREEPORT RD
McKnight Road, Northbound 4840 MCKNIGHT ROAD

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