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Reserve Your Gym Time!

JCC Squirrel Hill, 5738 Forbes Avenue & South Hills, 345 Kane Blvd., Scott

March 15, 2021 to September 5, 2021

The JCC basketball courts are open for scheduled gym time.  Please follow these steps to schedule a 50 minute time slot for up to 5 people in your household:

  • Email [email protected] for your initial gym time scheduling
  • Verify that the email address that the JCC has for you and the email address you use to schedule your gym time on MINDBODY are the same. If you are unsure which email you have on file or need to update your email, please email [email protected]
  • Download the MINDBODY app on your smartphone. Follow registration instructions to create an account with your email and password
  • To schedule a gym time, open the MINDBODY app and search for JCCPGH
  • Choose location “Squirrel Hill” or “South Hills” and then choose “View Schedule.” Click “Book” to schedule your time
  • One household per time slot. Bring your own gym equipment.
  • Questions? Stop by the Membership office or email [email protected]

Available Time Slots


  • Saturday 8 am-1 pm
  • Sunday 8-10 am & 12-1 pm
  • Monday 6-8 am, 12-3 pm & 5-8 pm
  • Tuesday 6-8 am, 12-3 pm & 5-8 pm
  • Wednesday 6-8 am, 12-3 pm & 5-8 pm
  • Thursday 6-8 am, 9 am-1 pm & 5-8 pm
  • Friday 6-8 am & 5-6 pm


  • Sunday 8-9 am
  • Monday 8-10 am & 5-6 pm
  • Tuesday 8-10 am,1 -3 pm & 5-6 pm
  • Thursday 8-9 am
  • Friday* 8-10 am, 1-3 pm & 5-6 pm
  • Saturday 8-9 am

Reserve Gym Times Protocol

  1. Reserve time Reservation Times are for 50 minutes beginning on the hour.  Please exit the gym at the end of your session  to allow for the next household
  2. Disinfect any surfaces you may have utilized
  3. Usage is restricted to one household and not to exceed  5 members of one household
  4. Masks must be worn at all times
  5. Equipment is provided by the member
  6. Reservations must be made in MINDBODY App
  7. Zero tolerance for anyone playing who is not from the same household as registered in the JCC data base

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Virtual Senior Academy – Online Classes for Everyone! Featured: Tuesdays: Social Justice: Eternal Values Applied to Contemporary Issues with Rabbi Ron Symons Thursdays: Quarantine Stories  Art and Quarantine Stories with Melissa Hiller If you are interested in joining: Sign up on the Virtual Senior Academy website For more details, email Maddie Barnes at [email protected]
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