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Lifestyle, Brain Health and Aging

Room 202 * JCC Squirrel Hill

February 4, 2018

11 am

Room 202 • No fee • Refreshments will be served

Michael J. Zigmond, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Neurobiology
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Several aspects of our lifestyle have a strong influence on the
impact of aging on our cognitive and motor function. These lifestyle
variables include exercise, stress, social interactions, and sleep. In
this presentation, Dr. Zigmond will examine each of these variables,
explaining how they affect aging through their impact on the brain.
He will then suggest how each of us might work toward reducing
age-dependent functional decline. Active discussion of these issues
will be strongly encouraged.
Dr. Zigmond has been on the faculty of the University since 1970,
where he has done work on the influence of exercise and
environmental enrichment on neurodegenerative disease and
aging, and has lectured widely on these subjects. His research has
been supported by the National Institutes of Health and he has
published almost 200 research articles.

Register with Marsha Mullen, [email protected] or 412-339-5415

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