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#JCCPGHVirtual: New classes – Current Events w/ Rabbi Symons; Art and Quarantine Stories w/Melissa Hiller

April 28, 2020 to June 16, 2020

Lunch and Learn

Current Events with JCC’s Center for Loving Kindness Director Rabbi Ron Symons

Tuesdays 12:15-12:45 pm
This class is free and accessible to all.
To register, email Rabbi Ron at [email protected] and he will send you the link to join.

Join as many Lunch and Learn classes as you like. The same Zoom link applies to every class.

May 12: Finding Joy Within an Historic Pandemic
May 19: Census 2020 – Helpful Tips and Insights
May 26: The Ten Commandments in America
June 2: Finding The Blessings Within
June 9:  Religion and the Stars and Stripes
June 16: Looking into the Future

May 12: Finding Joy in a Pandemic – Lag BaOmer

May 5: Passover Revisited

April 28: Israeli Innovation and COVID19

Art and Quarantine Stories:

Explore Iconic Artworks Throughout History That Relate To Our Current Moment with JCC’s American Jewish Museum Director Melissa Hiller

Thursdays 12:15-12:45 pm, beginning April 30
This class is free and accessible to all.
To register, email Melissa at [email protected] and she will send you the link to join.

Melissa’s five classes are related, yet are independent. Join as many as you like. The same Zoom link applies to every class.

May 7: Art Exploring the Subject of Cooking, Pets, Essential Workers, Facial Hair, and Zoom Gallery Views
May 14: Art Exploring the Subject of Reflection, Stamina, Resilience, and Isolation
May 21: Art Exploring the Subject of Gatherings, Celebrations, Connections, and Embraces
May 28: Art Exploring the Subject of Cultural and Economic Uncertainties

May 14: Isolation

April 30: Art Exploring the subject of Balconies, Windows, and Social Distance

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