Fall Preview Week – Squirrel Hill

JCC of Squirrel Hill

September 10, 2017 to September 16, 2017

A fun-filled week to sample all our classes and meet our instructors
Lots of surprises • Fusion classes • Team teaching • Prizes
All free to you and your friends!

Here’s what’s happening in addition to our regular schedule:
Sunday September 10:
8:15 am Power/Core Fusion with Molly and Evan
11 am Active/Centergy Fusion with Molly and Evan
Monday, September 11
8:15 am Active with Holly and Patti
9:15 am Active with Holly and Patti
Tuesday, September 12
6 am Power/Blast Fusion with Laurie
10:30 am Active with Patti and Evan
5:30 pm Core with Holly and Mike
Wednesday, September 13
6 am Fight/Centergy Fusion with Laurie
9 am Blast with Molly and Laurie
9 am Centergy with Patti and Holly
5:15 pm Blast with Evan and Lauren
Thursday, September 14
9:15 am Power/Active Fusion with Molly and Rachael
7:15 pm Centergy with Evan and Holly
Friday, September 16
6:15 am Fight/Blast Fusion with Rachael, Laurie, and Lauren
8 am Centergy with Patti, Holly, and Evan
9 am Extended Spin with Laurie and Molly
9:15 am Active with Evan, Patti and Holly
Saturday, September 17
8:45 am Blast with Rachael and Molly
9 am Spinning with Evan and Patti
10 am Centergy with Holly and Evan
11 am Active with Holly and Evan

For more info contact
Patti Sciulli
Group Exercise Director

Sep 5 – Mar 4
Don’t miss the fun! Register for Early Bird and save! J&R, Noar & Bogrim, Performing Arts Camps For Info and to Register: contact Lewis Sohinki, 412-697 3537 South Hills Day Camps For Info: Jason Haber, 412-278-1782 To Register: Fran Cicco, 412-446-4775 Registration info and forms
Nov 23
Thanksgiving Thursday, November 23 – Fitness Centers open 8 am-2 pm For a complete list of Holidays and Closings, go to jccpgh.org/calendar.
Nov 29
10 am-2 pm
AgeWell at the JCC is presenting Health and Wellness Day on Wednesday, November 29, from 10 am to 2 p.m. at the JCC, 5738 Forbes Avenue, Squirrel Hill. The event is focused on discovering new ways and programs to take care of yourself and live better as you age. Activities include: • Health Screenings •...
Nov 30
7-9 pm
Please join us for this important event: The Real Health, Economic and Climate Crisis Costs of Fossil Fuels to Southwestern PA –and Next Steps Program • Our Moral Challenge Rabbi Ron Symons, JCC of Greater Pittsburgh • The Global Climate Crisis Joy Braunstein, PennFuture, Climate Reality Project Leader • Potential Environmental Hazards Associated with Petrochemical...