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ECDC Reopening | FAQs

June 1, 2020

ECDC Reopening | FAQ

Updates are in effect until it’s been deemed safe to resume our normal schedule and activities in ECDC.

  • What are the hours of operation for ECDC?
    • ECDC will be open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Families will be assigned drop off and pick up windows. Hours maybe expanded after the first month, pending safety reviews and any new government-issued guidelines.
  • What are my family’s options if our children were registered for half day or full day?
    • Starting June 1st, the extended day enrollment option is the only offering available.Part-time (9-12, 9-12:45, 9-3) families will be eligible to upgrade to extended day enrollment until a part-time option is reinstated.
  • When will infant care resume?
    • Due to guidance-based reasoning, such as the close contact required in providing quality care to infants, infant care (children under the age of 12 months) will not reopen for at least the first month. If your child was enrolled in the infant program and is over the age of 12 months, he or she can return June 1st. If your child turns one after June 1st, please contact Liza to discuss options to return.
  • When will my JCC membership dues resume?
    • JCC membership dues will begin to be charged at the time a child returns to ECDC.
  • Why am I paying membership dues if the JCC has not fully reopened?
    • This supports costs associated with enhanced maintenance and cleaning, JCC desk staff, and building security.
  • What if I’m not ready to send my child back on June 1st? Do I have the option to send him or her back at a later date?
    • If you are not returning on June 1st, you can reach out any time after that to inquire about availability. If you are currently interested in simply securing a space at this point for some time in the future, payment will be required on June 1st.
  • If my child is not returning on June 1st, will I be charged anything?
    • Families not returning to ECDC will not be charged tuition or JCC membership dues.
  • Will my decision not to return on June 1st impact my child’s enrollment for the fall?
    • Choosing not to return on June 1st will not affect your child’s enrollment status for the 2020-21 school year.
  • If J&R Day Camp does not open this summer, can my current preschooler or pre-kindergartener (rising pre-k and rising kindergarten) join ECDC?
    • If you return on June 1st, you will have the option to remain through the summer if J&R Day Camp does not open.
  • If I enroll my school age child who has a sibling in ECDC June 1st, what are their options when the school year ends?
    • The ECDC school year ends on Friday, June 19th and summer program begins on Monday, June 22nd. The summer program ends on Thursday, August 13th. School age programs are being considered if J&R Day Camp does not open. Information will be shared from J&R Day Camp leadership.
  • What is the cost for enrolling a school-age sibling (K-3rd grade)?
    • The monthly rate will be $1,030. This includes a 5% sibling discount.
  • Are pre-kindergarten enrichment classes resuming?
    • Amazing Afternoons and Math & Science will not resume for the remainder of the school year. Every effort is being made to physically distance classes and keep children with the same group of peers and educators throughout the school day.
  • How will children be grouped inside the classroom?
    • We will determine classroom composition and sizes when we know how many families are interested in their children returning. Every effort will be made for children to return to the classroom and educators they were with before the closure; due to potential changes in class size, staff, or other reasons arising from the pandemic, we cannot guarantee there will not be changes.
  • What’s changing in the classroom?
    • All classrooms will open June 1st at a reduced capacity.When we are able to do so, we will increase capacity.
    • Specialists will not go classroom to classroom.They will use technology to broadcast into each room to provide content.
    • ECDC children will only use space inside ECDC, the Kaufmann Gym, the playground, and the green spaces right around our building. We will not use dance studios or other spaces inside the JCC. The playground and gym will be used on a strict, rotating schedule to allow for frequent cleanings and disinfecting. This may change if deemed safe to do so.
    • Physical distancing will occur by classroom, not by individual.
  • Will children spend time outside?
    • Yes! Physical distancing will be strictly enforced between classes. A schedule is being created to ensure children have time on our playground and in the other green spaces we use around our building, with enough time in between for cleaning and disinfecting equipment.
  • What if my child gets sick at school?
    • An isolation room has been set upto allow children who are sick to wait for their parents. Parents must pick up within an hour of receiving a phone call. If a parent cannot be reached, the emergency contact provided will be used.
  • Is travel an issue?
    • If any family member or other person living with an ECDC child travels outside of the Pittsburgh region, the JCC will assess the risks associated with such travel, taking into account the region traveled to and the form of transportation used, to determine whether the child is required to wait at least 14 days after the traveler(s) returns to Pittsburgh before returning to ECDC.
  • Will other JCC staff be present inside Early Childhood throughout the day?
    • Children will be with the same educators as much as possible. Maintenance and cleaning staff, along with our kitchen crew will enter ECDC each day before we open and in the evening after we’ve closed. Food delivery, garbage collection, and additional cleaning will be managed by ECDC leadership staff. Other JCC staff members may assist with arrival health screenings and various other responsibilities in association with ECDC but will not enter into the ECDC space.
  • Who can I expect to see at the drop off/screening each day?
    • Liza, JCC leadership staff, ECDC educators.
  • Who will be wearing masks?
    • All adults will be required to wear cloth or disposable face coverings and some screeners may be wearing a face shield. Masks: As of July 1, masks must be worn at all times by everyone age 2 and older.
  • Is my child required to wear a mask?
    • The guidance from national and local health authorities advises against all children under the age of two years from wearing a face mask. While the recommendation is for older children to wear a face mask, we know that children are likely to have great difficulty in doing so. Both the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommend washing your hands after each time an individual touches their face mask, which we do not believe to be plausible in our early childhood environment.
  • Can I send my child, who is two years old or older, with a face mask to wear?
    • For those who wish to send a mask we will make every effort to ensure proper use. We reserve the right to request that the face mask be removed if proper wear is not happening.
  • What do I bring to school each day?
    • Please send your child to school each day with a sealed backpack or drawstring bag that contains nap items, two changes of clothing, and a pacifier and sippy cup if applicable. Soft items like loveys or pacifier clips are not permitted. Toys from home are not permitted.
  • How will we celebrate Pre-K children moving up?
    • A team of ECDC staff is considering a physically distanced way of celebrating the moving up of our pre-kindergarten children. We’ll share more information when we’re able.
  • When are you charging my deposit for the 2020/2021 school year?
    • We are charging deposits for the 2020/2021 school year on July 1st.


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