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#CFLKConnectingCommunities: Voting and the Census

August 26, 2020

It is time to stand UP as a citizen and a resident!

For years, the JCC has served as a polling place for voting.  As we saw in the most recent primary and are anticipating in the upcoming election, the voting systems we have come to know over the years are changing.  That is why our Center for Loving Kindness is joining with an array of non-partisan community organizations including the League of Women Voters to make sure that every eligible voter has a safe way to vote whether by mail or in person.  Please read on to learn how you can get better informed as soon as this Wednesday, August 26.

Everyone is Talking About Mail In Ballots!

You have heard it on the news, you have read it in your social media feed, you have talked about it with your family and friends. Yet, there is still ambiguity about how an eligible voter in Allegheny County should apply for and cast a mail in ballot.

We have a path forward!

A growing network of organizations committed to providing clear information about mail in ballots has secured the commitment of David Voye, Director of Elections Division, Allegheny County, for a Zoom conversation, “VOTE! By Mail or In Person”, on Wednesday, August 26, 3:00-3:45 PM.

Click this link for the Facebook Event and follow the instructions for RSVPing so that you will get the Zoom link early next week.

Please share this link with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family.  We are hoping that the people on this Zoom call will be influencers who will take this information to their networks and spread it far and wide.

We would also be happy to list your organization as a co-host.  Just let me know your interest.

Every eligible voter’s vote should be cast in a safe way and counted.  It is up to us.

As always, I am happy to talk more about this with you.

Rabbi Ron Symons
[email protected]


The deadline for completing your Census2020 has been extended to September 30.

Think about in financial terms.
Think about in in terms of crisis management.

For every one person not counted in the census, Pennsylvania will lose $2,000 per year.  That is a loss of $10,000 for a family of five who is not counted. Help make sure every person in your household is counted so that our community gets the funding it needs.

#BeCounted for Your Health:
At times of crisis, the federal government funds emergency food and shelter programs as well as other services that protect our health and well-being using census data as a way to determine funding needs.
#BeCounted for Your Community:
The county receives $70 million annually to provide social services that your friends and neighbors may rely on – including community mental health and health services, child wellness programs, food assistance and more.
#BeCounted for Your Schools:
Allegheny County schools receive about $35 million in grants a year through a program, based on census data, that helps at-risk students achieve success.
#BeCounted for Your Roads:
Over $129 million was spent on highway and road construction projects in Allegheny County using federal funds allocated by a formula based on census data.
Learn more by clicking HERE
Fill out your census by clicking HERE


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