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JCC Big Night

Save the Date
JCC Big Night: Havana Nights

Co-chairs: Geri and Steven Recht & Rachel Firestone and Jason Binder


7:30 pm * Saturday, March 7, 2020 * JCC, Squirrel Hill

★ Tickets, Sponsorships, Ad Book & Donations – Click HERE 


For sponsorships, raffle, event tickets  and ad book please use this link or contact Fara Marcus, [email protected]

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⋆ Sponsorship
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Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

Support Big Night with a sponsorship, a purchase of a business ad or a congratulatory message in the ad book or donation.

Every guest receives an Ad Book and with an expectancy of over 1,000 in attendance, this book gives your company community wide exposure and honors the chairs and supports their efforts within the JCC and community at large. Your donation is tax-deductible. Thank you.

Corporate and individual sponsorships and advertisements provide essential support for the JCC year round.

To advertise in our adbook please see our ad sheet HERE

For more info on sponsorship level please review our sponsorship packet HERE

To discuss opportunities please contact:
Fara Marcus: 412-339-5413
or email [email protected]

  • Lauren and Scott Americus
  • Donna and John Barsotti
  • Vincent and Tina Deleonibus
  • Rosalind Chow and Jeffrey Galak
  • Neil DiBiase and Chris Smith
  • Casey and Steven Drucker
  • Andrea Ehrenreich and Michael Regan
  • Aaron and Dena Dunn
  • Elyse and Marty Eichner
  • Julie and Josh Farber
  • Rachel Firestone and Jason Binder
  • Mary Pat and Eric Friedlander
  • Andrea and David Glickman
  • Sherree Goldstein
  • Erica and Bill Goodman
  • Jake Goodman and Sean Shepherd
  • Darcy and Mike Gordon
  • Deborah and Matthew Graver
  • Merris and Yram Groff
  • Ina and Larry Gumberg
  • Anna Hollis and Gregg Kander
  • Teddi and David Horvitz
  • Leah Kamon
  • Ellen Teri Kaplan Goldstein and Michael Goldstein
  • Carole and Jerry Katz
  • Laura and Jon Kessler
  • Samantha and Josh Klein
  • Lauren and Jason Kushner
  • Susan and Louis Leff
  • Lauren and Oren Leiberman
  • Uriel and Jodi Marcovitz
  • Andrew Marcus
  • Justin Matase and Dr Elie Aoun
  • Ty and Tara Morse
  • Lisa and Lee Oleinick
  • Stefani Pashman and Jeremy Feinstein
  • Rita and Andy Rabin
  • Geri and Steven Recht
  • Todd Reidbord
  • Cathy Reifer and Samuel Braver
  • Lori and James Ruttenberg
  • Margie Ruttenberg
  • Mike Samuels
  • Suzanne Schreiber
  • Stacey and Scott Seewald
  • Sara and Kenneth Segal
  • Lori and Bob Shure
  • Linda and Ken Simon
  • Ingrid and Erica Smiga
  • Jennifer and Joshua Steiman
  • Danella Hafeman and Josh Stein
  • Hilary Tyson and Charles Porter
  • Stephanie Weinstein and Amit Patel
  • Sharon Werner and Eric Olshan
  • Karen and Rand Werrin
  • Lauren and JoelWinston
  • Laura and Jeff Parker
  • Alex Heit and Harris Blum
  • Natalie Silverman
  • Derrick Wilson
  • Marni and Jon Pastor
  • Julie and Bob Silverman
  • Cheryl Gerson

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