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Stick to Your Resolutions

Posted by JCC Pittsburgh on June 18, 2015

If you’re still holding firm to your resolutions, give yourself a high five-you’re almost half-way to sticking to them for good! The reason: it takes roughly 30-60 days to make or break a habit. The bad news: temptation grows, not decreases, as you begin to change your behavior. Knowing that the next couple of months will take more commitment than ever, here are a few strategies to help reel you in from the brink of relapse.

  1. Lapses tend to occur once people start to see improvement. Your pants start to fit better, and suddenly you think that you can afford to indulge in nutella. That is, until your pants no longer fit again.  Keep a food journal. You stay more focused because you are constantly aware of your long-term goal every time you use it. It will keep you honest!
  2. Have your cake, but just one small piece. Relying on willpower is the quickest road to ruin. Treat it as an occasional indulgence, not an excuse to fall off the wagon.
  3. Think ahead. For some, the Sunday Family dinner may be the trigger. For others, it’s Starbucks with whipped cream and caramel syrup. Know your poison and avoid it if possible. Know when setbacks are likely to occur, then plan for them strategically.


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