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Passover 2023 – Bringing Pittsburghers Together with Loving Kindness and Matzah

Posted by JCC Pittsburgh on March 31, 2023

This special interfaith and multicultural gathering presented highlights of Passover, a Jewish holiday where people come together once a year to reflect on achieving freedom and redemption.

The featured speakers connected these time-honored traditions to the bridge-building we need to do in Pittsburgh with loving kindness, to counter antisemitism, racism, bias, and bigotry.

Featured Speakers

As we explored four Passover traditions, our guest speakers lead our conversations around particular questions traditionally asked at Passover. The conversations connected those questions to Pittsburgh and were guided by our speakers’ distinct experiences and insights.

We choose to host this event in hopes of educating and learning from our neighbors, while also discussing these common goals:

  • Use Passover customs as a catalyst to do good for all of us
  • Come together across real and perceived differences
  • Provide our non-Jewish neighbors with a glimpse into Jewish customs
  • Throughout the generations, the story of the Exodus as told through Passover customs has served as a birth song of freedom for all peoples no matter their background.  This year, with the help of our guests and in dialogue with our neighbors, we will applied those lessons to Pittsburgh, as we counter antisemitism, racism and bigotry.

We also discussed the importance of the 2forSeder program.

2 for Seder helps you push back on anti-Semitism because you are sharing an authentic Jewish experience together.

We believe that each individual is the key to building bridges and fighting anti-Semitism throughout the year.

Building Interfaith Bridges in 2023

You are not powerless in the face of hatred.

As you start to plan your Passover Seder consider inviting 2 friends to their first Seder so they can experience the celebration, discussion, and tasty food at the Seder table. Not only will they be part of a Jewish festival that has been celebrated since at least the 5th century BCE, it will help build strong interfaith bridges that can stand up to hate and antisemitism.

Invite two friends to their FIRST Seder and build strong interfaith bridges that can stand up to hate and antisemitism.

Learn More about How to Hold a 2 for Seder

Learn more about Passover

Provided by Rabbi Ron Symons, Senior Director of Jewish Life and Founding Director of Center for Loving Kindness

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