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One Small Change

Posted by JCC Pittsburgh on June 18, 2015

Doing only one thing differently can be all it takes to lose weight and improve your life in surprising, healthy ways…..

  • Walk- Take a brisk stroll on flat terrain….. Pick up the pace, so you’re power-walking. Go at a challenging clip and hit the hills or add incline.
  • Run- Jog slowly and steadily on flat footing…..Run like the wind…Do intervals (1 minute a level 5 and 1 at level 9. Repeat 18 times).
  • Bike- Joyride around your neighborhood… Pedal with power for a focused, medium-fast trek…Do a Spinning class!
  • Swim- Glide through the pool with a consistent crawl stroke… Up the oomph of every kick ( and your time in the pool)…. Sticking to your race pace, double the time on the clock!
  • Rowing Machine- Pull steadily so you’ve got gusto in reserve…Row more vigorously, as though you’re racing….8 minutes at level 8; 2 minutes at 5. Repeat 4 times!
  • Eliptical trainer- Stride steadily at a comfortable pace…Don’t be afraid to get a good sweat going….Intervals: 2 minutes at level 8; 1 minute at level 5. Repeat 20 times!

Your calorie count can go from 100 to 250 or 500 depending on your choice…. One small change!

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