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Exercise is the Ultimate Anti-ager

Posted by JCC Pittsburgh on June 18, 2015

But all workouts are not created equal. Here is the bottom line on what really works for what…..

The most youth-restoring move you can make is exercise! It’s the one prescription that has the power to affect every cell and system in your body, reducing your risk of developing dozens of diseases, slowing down aging and adding years to your life. The benefits are huge and they are extensive. Being inactive is one of the strongest predictors of mortality- far more important than even obesity. But with all of the exercise options out there, how do you know which workouts do what. If you’re not active by nature, what’s the minimum you can do and still get good results? Here is all the info you need to write your own “fountain of youth” exercise plan.

  1. You want to live longer and keep your heart healthy?
    Commit to at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio 5 days a week or 20 minutes of vigorous-intensity cardio 3 days a week.
    Result: Add about 4 years to your life and reduce your risk of dying from heart disease almost niefold.
  2. You want to stay sharp?
    Commit to 45 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio 3 times a week.
    Result: A brain 3 years younger.
  3. You want to slim down?
    Commit to at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio 5 days a week.
    Result: You’ll drop 4-6 pounds a year.

So who doesn’t want to live longer.. have a healthy heart….Keep your brain sharp.. and lose a couple of pounds?

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