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Heart Healthy Eating

Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women AND men? It causes 1 in 3 deaths for woman and 1 in 4 deaths for men per year. That’s a huge number of people!1,2  It’s national Heart Health Month. What can you do to help combat heart disease? Add exercise to […]

A Lesson from the J&R Day Camp Garden

Children have an innate affinity to being in nature, to sensory play, to experiential learning that we see every day in the summers at J&R Day Camp. The Torah teaches us a lot about the importance of nature. From the start, the book of Bereshit details God’s creations of heaven and earth. Each time God […]

About Big Night: The Prom

Dancing Queens and limousines – prom night is a magical milestone! We can’t wait for you to make some new memories and have the night of your life at #BigNightBigProm. Enjoy this fun infographic for some surprising facts and history of these big nights! #JCCBigNight2017 Inspired? Join us at this fabulous event. For tickets, click […]

PJ Library Celebrates Authors & Illustrators Week

With the week of February 5th being Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week, what better opportunity than to highlight a few of my favorite PJ Library books!  As the director of PJ Library in Pittsburgh, I get the privilege of receiving nine wonderful, high quality Jewish children’s books every month – one for each age group […]

Community is our Middle Name

February 3, 2017 At this time of challenging and often contentious public discourse, we proudly wear ‘COMMUNITY’ as our middle name. From our founding at the turn of the 20th century, we helped thousands of immigrants and refugees become an integral part of the American dream.  As the work that we began in 1895 continues […]

J Line - Teens and Jewish Values at Work

“For I, the Lord, love justice.” -Isaiah 61:8   “You shall love the stranger, for you were strangers.” -Deuteronomy 10:19 At J Line, we are proud to connect Jewish values to the pursuit of peace and justice in the world around us. Last Sunday, during Breakfast B’yachad (“together”), in light of Friday’s ban on immigration from […]

100 Letters - 100 Days

I would love to read the President’s mail.  But of course, that would be illegal without his permission. We do get glimpses of the content of letters sent to Presidents of the past when they have shared stories of citizens as a way of illustrating American values.  They are American values expressed through the voices […]

The Wellness Continuum at the JCC

One of the most unique things about PT @ the JCC powered by the JAA is our dynamic location. Just steps away from a state-of the-art fitness and aquatic center, we at PT @ the JCC are able to utilize these wonderful facilities to help any physical therapy patient meet his or her goals. Perhaps more […]

Explore your hobbies at J&R Day Camp

January is National Hobby Month but we keep it going all summer long at James & Rachel Levinson Day Camp, where we cultivate children’s interests every day. Hobbies are good for us. Besides improving creativity and generating good moods, hobbies enhance the ability to focus and concentrate, training our brains to retain an interest and sparking enthusiasm. J&R […]

Let Us Turn Our Thoughts to Martin Luther King

As our country celebrates the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I hope that you see it as a call to action based on long-standing Jewish values.  Join me for a brief video-blog with music, quotes and intention.